Potty training... or lack there of.

It's been something he's been signaling for quite a while... and you know, why not just add some more on to the plate?  He loves his potty, he wants you to take his diaper off and sit on it, but then he proceeds to stand up, take 2 steps, and squat down and pee on the floor.  He identifies how to make himself go, we just need to put steps one and two together! 

Today has been a very frustrating day for me.  Cole has been screaming all day at the slightest little things.  Plus, he's been quite hyper - a.k.a. rough - so I haven't been able to even get a break for 5 seconds, because he'll be on top of his brother in the bouncer.  It's days like this that I feel it, like flashbacks.  Can't someone else just take him for a little while?  I just need 5 minutes without someone crying and whinig.  But that's motherhood.  And even though I wanted to run, I didn't.  I need to celebrate the little things, and know that I am fighting this successfully.  I will not give in to this. 

As long as there are peanut butter cups. 

Well, I have 2 packs of pullups - one designs, one cool feel - diapers for night, and the next step will be underwear.  I figure we'll go about a week in pull-ups so he understands the feeling of being wet, and then move on to actually being wet. 

Wish me luck... and sanity!