I'm only 8 weeks, I swear!!

Today is 8 weeks. I can breathe a little more now, since I made it through today. YAY!

However, by looking at me, you would think I was 6 months! I have superbloat now. There is a possibility that it's not all bloat, I am only 5'1", and have the shortest torso known to man - I have about 2 inches from bottom of my ribs to top of my hip on the side - about 3 1/2" in the front. Not much room on the inside for baby LOL!!

As a size comparison standpoint - I am a d-cup that you see me busting out of in that pic. Yup, the belly is PAST the girls. I feel like I should take pics of my toes now, since I will have no idea what they look like in another month at this rate!! :-)

So, without further adieu, 8 week belly pic:


It's a... blob!

It's a blob... with a heartbeat! 131 bpm! Very good solid heartbeat, right in range for 7 weeks.

I'm also measuring right on schedule, right around 7w. My appointment isn't until January 5th, I probably won't get the official doctor due date until then, but things all look happy and well.

In the ultrasound pictures, the baby is the front blob, the yolk sac is the back blob. :)

Yay baby!


Take two.

So my last post was all about my morning sickness, and I took down - now I suddenly have this huge fear.

It's the night before my viability ultrasound.

What if it comes back as non-viable? And do I really want what could be my last pregnancy blog about the morning sickness, the miserable part of pregnancy?

I like focusing on the things happening to me right now, not the things that could be. I think that's why I am so overwhelmed with the m/s, hormones, exhaustion... if I let that fill my mind, there's no room for anything else. Granted, it's hard not to remember m/s when you puke every time you eat, or don't eat.

Honestly, I do I even know that all this m/s is for a baby? I had it last time, and I have no baby, so really... How do I know it's even worth it to go through all this? How do I know it won't be for nothing?

Hormonal, emotional, fear.... it's easier to ignore it all and look at the right here, right now.

T minus 11 hours. Answers.

It kills me not to have answers yet, but I'm so afraid to get them.


This child is SO NOT related to me.

I'm convinced I am a surrogate for someone else's child.

We just got takeout from Pat's Pizza. We ordered a BLT club with waffle fries, chicken wings with bleu cheese and celery, and mega fries with extra bacon.

I ate celery.

Those that know me in real life are usually shocked by my food habits. I eat THE WORST crap in the entire world. I love greasy, spicy, junky, anything that makes you fat, I LOVE.

The only thing I want to eat is fruit, and veggies.


Anything else makes me vomit.

This is NOT my spawn. :-)

I've been tagged!

1) Choose the 4th picture folder on your computer

2) Choose the 4th picture

3) Explain the picture

4)Tag 4 other people

This is when Chloe was a puppy - can you tell someone was jealous?!

Tagging: Danse, Catie, Rachi, and Blair.


Vomitus Eruptus.

It's official - real morning sickness began today at approximately 6:30 am.

Standing on my sister's back porch, I suddenly got hot, sweaty, uncomfortable... and made a mad dash to the railing to dry heave and vomit what teeny bit of stomach acid I had in me.

Yup, it's here.

I proceeded to spend the entire day feeling that way - including right now. I met up with Chris for lunch at Sheetz, and since my gas light just came on, filled up my tank. Of course, the auto shut off valve didn't work! Gas spilled out of my tank, down my car, and into the giant puddle that I managed to park in, right where my gas tank was. GREAT. Except, in order to shut off the gas, I STEPPED in it. I spent the entire day smelling like gasoline, which made me want to vomit even more.


To top it all of tonight, I came home, and I'm spotting. Brown for the most part, with a touch of pink. PLEASE don't let this happen again. I'm calling the doctor in the morning, see what they say. As of right now, I have an ultrasound scheduled for December 18th. 8 days away.



Great Betas!

So, they turned out well!!

Beta #1: 210

Beta #2: 599!

Those are some happy numbers. It's about time I get some good news. I really needed this today. I was told they were going to call me tomorrow to schedule the ultrasound. They would want that between 7 and 8 weeks. So, 2 or 3 more weeks today until I get a glimpse of the munchkin.

I can't wait!!

Here's hoping for a 2 week wait :-)