We are just a few days away...

Cole is almost 6 months. 6 MONTHS PEOPLE! I cannot believe he has been here this long. Every day is fresh and new with him, and it still feels like yesterday when I could feel his every movement - like it or not! On the outside however, he sleeps at 3 am now instead of hosting a rave.

6 months brings yet another milestone - one not to be posted elsewhere (no FB please!) - we are officially 'not preventing'. I won't say we are TTC yet, because of all that the term entails, we are not doing. No OPKs, no BBT, no CBEFM... we will revisit this if there isn't a BFP by Cole's first birthday. We will see what happens. We would ideally like the kids no more than 2 years apart, but I know better than to count on that. Cole took a year, so I'm not holding my breath.

I am afraid of being pregnant and having Cole. Cole was rough. I'm not one of those women who enjoy pregnancy. I would go through labor 10 times over to avoid those 9 months. Now to go through it with a baby... there is no more sleeping until noon. Noon is now nap time, I've already been up, changed diapers, clothes, fed the little man, the dogs, myself, played, and in bed already. If I'm sick again, if I have ICP again... there is no laying in bad all day, there is no sleeping the day away, hell, I won't even be able to take my time while puking. I know I'll manage, but I am such a planner, and this isn't something I can figure out ahead of time. The unknown is not something I am good with!

In other news, there is a new job prospect on the horizon for Chris. Verizon has been talking layoffs again for a while now. This time however, they are talking HUGE layoffs. No one is safe - the new guys were already laid off this year. There is a great job staring him in the face. Even better benefits than we have now, their starting pay is what Chris is at now (also known as Verizon's top pay), complete job security... with one catch. He would have to join the Air National Guard. Deployment is my first worry of course. He is told highly unlikely, but of course they can't guarantee it. Deployment is voluntary, unless the entire unit is deployed. It also wouldn't be a typical deployment, it would only be until their job is done - weeks, not months. I also need to know if there is any bootcamp. Since he would be a reenlistment, he might not have to go. I'm unsure. He'll have to bring more information from the recruiter before I make my final decision. I think he really wants to though, and I would have a VERY hard time telling him no if he decides this would be a good move.

One more plus side of this though - Verizon offers a buy-out (called an ISP) before they start layoffs. This gives anyone a chance to take a lump sum to walk away. Last year, they offered a double ISP. The rumor is, this year will be a TRIPLE ISP! Since Chris already has 5 years with the company, this could be GOOD. Not to mention, if he gets a signing bonus from the ANG, we could potentially be looking at anywhere from $30,000-$50,000. Cash. Lump sum. Yeah, that would be enough to make me say yes.

Okay, enough for now. Bedtime... the man will be up bright and early, the teething monster has come to visit. Grrrr!


I gots an award!

Sweetpea has bestowed upon me this little number:

My first award! Part of this though, is to tell you 10 random things about myself. This might take a while. :D

1. I hate an astounding hatred for pickles. I have never met another person who does, but they are gross to me. If I order a cheeseburger at McDonald's, I KNOW if they just took off the pickles or if they made a fresh one - and I won't eat it if they just took them off.

2. I cannot have anything on my feet to sleep. I know when I am able to fall asleep by the temperature of my feet - if they are hot, it's time for bed. Seriously. If they are still cold, I won't be able to fall asleep, so I watch TV until they heat up LOL!

3. I'm a natural blonde, and color my hair dark brown for every fall and winter. It washes out by the time summer hits, so then I'm blonde again. While most people go blonde, I go dark. It's also naturally curly, which you will almost never see.

4. I've never met my best friend. <3

5. I used to be the biggest coffee-holic in the world. I had about an 8 cup a day habit, more if I was tired or stressed. Then I got pregnant, and now, if it's not a Peppermint Mocha, I'm not interested. Also, I am so backwards with this - most people become lightweights after pregnancy. I can drink better than I ever have now LOL!

6. I went to an all-girls private Catholic high school. Knee socks and all.

7. I have the distinguished palate of a 4 year old, but I will try everything. Even fish, though I consistently hate it. You never know when something could be good. I used to like crab, ate it all the time as a child. Then I went years without having it, got it one day thinking I loved it... nope. Not anymore.

8. On the same lines, I have a total wuss mouth. When I do get my peppermint mochas, I order them at 130 degrees (instead of the traditional 190). I cannot drink/eat anything hot at ALL.

9. I am only of the extremely few females that are colorblind. My dad, brother, sister #3, and myself are all extremely bad at it. There have been many things I don't buy Cole because purple is a girl color... only to be told later that they are blue. Oops.

10. I am still taking my prenatals. This way, I can experiment with haircuts, and it grows right back in a matter of 2 weeks. :D

Now for my 5:







New Year's Spark

I joined Sparkpeople. I have to lose this weight.

It's ironic, actually. In the year it took to make Cole, I gained 30 pounds. In the 9 months it took to bake Cole, I gained 18 - and had to fight to do it. The baby weight fell right off me - plus 2 pounds. The wanting-a-baby weight, however... that has stuck around. Literally. AROUND. I have a spare tire completely around my waist. I look 12 weeks pregnant. I even bought a body-sucker. Oh, I mean, slimmer. :D Yeah, it helps... a little. It smoothes and redistributes, but unless they make one of those out of steel, it's not gonna cut it.

Now my diet (weekday diet, anyway...) involves a whole lot of turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, whole wheat pita, and hummus. Let's not forget the light yogurt too... And I really like it! This weekend was a massive fail, consisting of pizza Friday, Red Lobster Saturday, McDonalds and pizza Sunday... and a LOT of booze in there with it! Time to get back into it.

Cole and I have a workout hour. Okay, it's more like a half hour. He jumps in the jumperoo, I run on the treadmill. Okay, okay... I run for about 3 minutes until I think I'm dying and then walk. :D I'm hoping he's gonna let me start the 30 day shred too, but I don't really know when I am going to. I was planning to do it at night after he goes to bed, but I'm usually exhausted by that point, so I sit down to a nice screen full of Farmville.

I have really had enough of this cold spell - I would normally take him for a walk in the park and then come home and shred while he jumps. The only problem is, when the wind chill puts the temperature at -5 degrees, you don't take the baby out walking, no matter how well he's bundled.

I am going to try a new plan tomorrow. I will shred while he jumps and then walk when he sleeps. I think the Shred will probably be more productive than walking anyway, so if I have to skip one, it's probably better to skip the walk. I'll let you know how it goes!


I'm a Boy Mom

and it is totally different that being a girl mom. Baby Rabies has a fabulous entry on it - you should go read it. A little tear comes to my eye. I hate when people act like having a boy is a misfortune, or a negative thing, or almost pity-enducing... I love every minute. I even hope for yet another boy, because he is so much.... well, there is no word for what he is!

And I too had that moment of panic when I saw those boy bits on the ultrasound. What do I do with a boy? I don't watch sports, I don't play sports, and my husband hits the floor at the sight of blood. I still fear the day Cole comes through the front door with some kind of appendage barely hanging on, blood gushing on the floor, and I have to rush him to the ER to stop the bleeding - and my husband to treat his concussion. But you best believe, I will have the camera in hand, and once everyone is okay, I will have one HELL of a laugh about it!

Being a Boy Mom means slobbery kisses and hugs that start with a running leap.

Being a Boy Mom means saving hundreds on clothes, even if only to spend that amount or more later in life on ER visits.

Being a Boy Mom means developing a keen eye for bugs and coming to terms with the fact that sometimes they can just be considered an extra helping of protein.

Being a Boy Mom doesn’t mean you won’t continue to be squeemish about things like spiders, it just means your squeels will be entertaining to the boy who taunts you by trying to eat one.

Being a Boy Mom means being the builder of block towers so big they lean and topple, leaving you both in stitches.

Being a Boy Mom means developing a very watchful eye while changing diapers, always on the lookout for that surprise pee stream attack.

Being a Boy Mom means having the pleasure of watching your son learn from his father, and then reminding his father that at a certain age they will start to repeat the F word, even if that F word is shouted at a TV during a sporting event.

Being a Boy Mom means you’ve been given the tremendous opportunity and challenge to raise someone who will grow up to be a respectful, loving and kind man. He may break hearts, but hopefully, with your guidance, he will do so gently, and ultimately he will make some lucky partner very, very happy.

Being a Boy Mom may mean giving up the fantasy of getting your nails done together after a frilly tea party, but it’s replaced by so many fun future memories that you can’t even begin to think up because right now you just don’t know what to do with a boy.

Don’t worry… it will come to you.

~Baby Rabies


2009 - a year in review

There is no topping 2009. This has absolutely been the hardest and greatest year of my life... for one obvious reason. Because of this same reason, the blog has been greatly neglected. One New Year's Resolution however, is to get back to it!

My sweet little boy is now 5 months, and the absolute light of my life. We have finally settled into a routine, which makes life both easier and difficult. When we are at home, every day runs like a well oiled machine. Wake up at 7, eat, back to bed, wake up for the day at 10. One hour of play, breakfast for Cole, the dogs, and me, nap almost 2 hours. Two hours of play, nap - anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Play, start dinner, eat, bath, book, bottle, bed.

This also means, if I leave the house, I am screwed since naps will consist of 30 minutes and I will pay for it the rest of the day! But it's fabulous, I wouldn't have it any other way. I just never leave the house without the Moby, and make sure to do everything on one day!

So here is my year a la Cole in pictures:






He's HERE!





It's been one AMAZING ride! Can't wait to see what 2010 brings... a sibling, perhaps? ;)