Well, on August 11, exactly one month to the day of my BFP, I miscarried.



Ultrasound is scheduled for Friday, August 15th, at 9 am.

::Fingers crossed!::

Houdini is SO grounded.

Well, there is a yolk sac this week.

The official repost came back. The gestational sac is measuring 6w1d. The last ultrasound was officially measuring 5w4d. It was 9 days between ultrasounds, but there was only 4 days of growth. So the waiting game just continues.

I've been bleeding at night. Bright red, and a flow - not just spotting. However, with the BCU, that could be normal. My doctor is iffy about it, but she said I won't need to come in or be concerned unless it turns into a full period flow. Since it stops in the morning and during the day, she's not panicked about it. Sounds good to me.

I'm so tired lately. Chris is working the 1-9 shift, so our time is split up. It feels like I never get to see him. All I want to do, the whole day long, is sleep, and eat! It's craziness.

Since measuring 6w1d, that moves my due date back to April 1st. Uh oh! That moves us into diamond birthstone territory ;) My belly seems to be exploding. I realize it's all bloat, or fat... I have been on a sugar kick... but I did NOT expect to look like this quite this early! I totally look pregnant. I really want to exercise, but with the bleeding starting right after I walked the dogs, I'm afraid to. I am not trying to lose weight, or anything like that, but I feel like I am blowing up like a balloon. I'm also having a total guilt complex, since I crave sugar and cookies, and slushies, and mints, and sodas... I need to do something to balance all that out! :) I need to get to the grocery store and start having some healthier options around. I still eat my lean cuisines - they are a great lunch compared to a handful of oreos, washed down with a 7up, only to be followed by about 10 mints consecutively. At least I have them! I've been eating a lot, and I mean A FREAKING LOT! of pasta too. Whole grain though - rotini, penne, and whole grain mac 'n cheese! I was so happy when I saw that in the store - if I'm going to shove my face with mac 'n cheese, it may as well be whole grain! At least it's better for me. I honestly sit on my butt in front of the computer ALL DAY, and eat. I've gained weight like crazy since this bleeding started - I'm too afraid to do anything. I REALLY need to make healthier food choices if exercise is not an option.

That being said, I'm off to make some pasta.

I'll start tomorrow. :)