Is anyone out there?

Does anyone still even read this thing? 

Talk about a crazy life.  Cole is so big, a true little boy.  He's no longer a toddler.  He can ride a scooter, a tricycle, and just about anything else, whether it's meant to be ridden or not.  (The dog is NOT a small pony.)  Despite a speech delay, he has fully caught up and is now right on track where he should be. 

Owen is in to everything.  We crawl, pull up, walk while holding on, cruises... and continually face plants in to everything around him.  He really is a Rock Star.  After 8 months of BFing, I've decided to wean.  He has no problem with this, it's like he's had a bottle all along.  I still feed him first thing in the morning, and that is the only feeding left - but seeing as that gets my a couple of extra hours sleep, I'm in no rush to give it up.  We decided to use the Ferber method a few nights ago, and I was so scared he would be crying his face off - turns out when I walk out of the room, he flips over and goes to sleep.  Seriously.  BEST. BABY. EVER.  Almost makes me want another baby! 


I'm still in therapy, and still on medication.  I've been released from my psychiatrist if I would like, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I need an appointment next month, so I really need to make up my mind.  Essentially, it's if I want to stay where I'm at with my meds (Celexa 40mg, and Xanax .25mg) or if I want to play with them.  I haven't made any changes since I was BFing, so I think while I am typing this out I've made a decision to stay where I am at.  Guess it's time to make an appointment with my PCP! 

I've hit a place where most days, besides frustrated with Cole's newfound selective hearing, I'm happy.  We went to Toys R Us today, and Cole didn't want to be in the cart.  He did so well.  I didn't even have to drag him kicking and screaming away from the train table! 

Well, now that I've entered the 21st century and  got an iPhone, and discovered the blogger app, I should be on here a little more frequently than once every 6 months.  I find myself blogging in my head while doing the mundane, but never actually get to sit down and write it out...  Maybe that will finally change!