Operation: Stop Braxton Hicks is in full swing

16w4d - first evening of Braxton Hicks. Mistaken for movement.
16w5d - still thinking it's movement... right? No.

In the beginning, the felt kinda cool actually. Like a little wave of pressure, a tightening for anywhere from 5 seconds to 2 minutes at a time. They aren't painful 9.5 times out of 10 - every once in a while there is one that stops me in my tracks - they are just very strange.

So in less than 24 hours, I have just downed a half gallon of Turkey Hill orange juice. And damn, let me tell you - it was GOOD. As a matter of fact, right now, at 11:18 pm, my wonderful husband is at the corner turkey Hill getting me another half gallon and butterscotch krimpets.

And for those of you NON-northeast people, you do NOT know what you are missing in your lack of Turkey Hill and Tastykakes.

And with that, he is home with my goodies! Yay!


A new belly pic

Well, that is the bump as of 15w5d. It's taken a while to post it, but yep... I'm huge! Everything inside my abdomen feels like it is ripping - sleeping is next to impossible - showing early isn't cracked up to be all you would expect!

In other news, the boobs have finally slowed. The final tally? 36G. G!!! I don't know how I am going to walk when I get to 9 months or so, but we'll have to find that out later. :D

10 days to my next appointment - when the big ultrasound will be scheduled! YAY! I am still betting on a girl, and still rooting for a little man :D Chris is feeling the same way. But there hasn't been a boy in over 10 years in family OR friends! It's about time for a boy. I will be 17w5d at the appointment, so it should be soon after that. Hopefully it will be that same week... cross your fingers!

Finally tally:

Boobs: 36D to 36G.
Bump: equivalent to 6 months.
Butt: Yup. Wider.
Weight gain: 0.

Now how the hell does that happen?!


Ahh the joys of pregnancy!

I've been blessed with lightning crotch. Daily. Between 2:30 and 3:30 pm. It's quite amusing actually.. until I'm coming up on 2:30!

I'm currently writing this blog post while laying on my right side, while I have my husband LAYING across my right! He isn't really amused with said position, but it is the only way I can get comfortable! I just tell him that he's doing his part - I'm far more uncomfortable! :D

Other than that, everything is wonderful. I had my 2nd appointment. Everything is going well! I heard the heartbeat again on the doppler - but it was impossible to get a numerical reading! Everytime the midwife would find the heartbeat, baby would hit it and run away! We couldn't get a reading for longer than 5 seconds at a time. That's my kid, being difficult already! Stubborn like both it's parents. I just say he/she doesn't like to be invaded. :D

Cheri (my midwife) also thinks I will feel it move early. She said based on how active baby was and my uterus being forward(? I think? Maybe it was high?I already forget why LOL!) that she's betting I will feel it long before my next appointment!

I also had my first strange cravings this week. I've had cravings, but not abnormal food. I've wanted things that aren't normal for me - like yesterday's 3 glasses of milk (I hate milk...)or the stuffed mushrooms at Red Lobster (mushroom texture make me gag)but nothing was abnormal for people in general.

Yesterday, I had popcorn. And it sounded REALLY good...

to dip it in BARBECUE SAUCE.

Yup. I wanted to dip my popcorn in barbecue. But, I resisted, strictly because I didn't want to go downstairs to get it.

Today, I REALLY wanted to dip barbecue chips into a vanilla milkshake. And I would have, if there wasn't snow on the ground :D I didn't want to go out and get a milkshake. I did make my husband bring one home from work though. By that time though, the craving was gone, so no dipping LOL!

That's it though. Nothing else for now!