The countdown is ON!

Thursday night, 8 pm...

Last blood draw is DONE!

Granted, there will be more after he is here to make sure my levels go down, but the last prenatal is done! Hopefully results will be in at my 1pm appointment and we'll be able to schedule everything with (almost) certainty today!

(For those that don't know what I mean, inductions are scheduled, but then you still have to call in before you go to see if they have a room. They won't start someone's labor intentionally without a place for them! :D )

I definitely FEEL the increase in the levels this week. I don't know how far up yet, obviously, but I have gotten even itchier - and a new pattern has emerged on my hands and feet. It's not a rash, I'm just... red and white speckled LOL!

I'll update later today!


Cole's eviction notice has been dated!

My liver numbers are still climbing.

The plan? Get to 38 weeks, and then GET HIM OUT PRONTO! If all goes well, he will make an entrance on next Thursday or Friday! I still need a round of blood work on Monday, and we are hoping all will be fine to hold out until the end of the week. I hit 38 weeks on Wednesday, 7/22. If the liver panel results come back on Monday that we can wait, I'll be induced depending on hospital availability.

I will know on Monday when we get to meet the little man!


Another Monday approaches...

and another blood draw is looming over my head.

This week is full term week though! This is the official 37 week appointment, even though he is measuring past that. Wednesday is 37 weeks exactly, so by any measurement, he is "officially" full term! Granted, I'm pretty sure my due date is just kinda tossed by the wayside with all the weekly testing now LOL! That means baby boy gets the green light - come on out at any time, buddy!

I cannot wait to meet my little man. I'm moving into full mushy mode LOL! Today, Chris and I drove down to the beach on a whim. Every weekend is becoming like a celebration - we always do something special, since we never know what weekend will be the last one alone! Last week, we did NOTHING. I know, that doesn't sound very exciting, but it was awesome. We slept in, and laid around the house all day, made dinner on the grill, and just got to be US. No errands, no rush, no hustle... just us. Today started off the same way, but it was so beautiful outside, we just had to get out. So we took the Cabrio out, dropped the top, and drove to the beach! We had chairs in the water and just let the waves roll up on our feet. Finish off with dinner at Sheetz, and if this was our last weekend together before baby, it was a great way to have it!


Results are in...

and Cole gets another week on the inside!

My numbers have elevated further, but I am still in the 'safe' zone. He doesn't have to be delivered yet! Blood work repeats on Monday morning, and we should have the results by my appointment on Monday afternoon.

We're pretty much ready for him now! Since my levels are climbing, I want everything ready now... I can't rely on having 4 more weeks. His pack n play is set up in our room, the diaper bags are packed, the car seat bases are installed... I just need to now pack the hospital bag, and *still* hang the artwork in his room! I am so incredibly tired lately, that it seems to continually fall by the wayside. I get exhausted by going up one flight of stairs! I only vacuumed half the house today, it was just too much to do at once. I struggle to keep this place clean now... where did my nesting energy go, and can I have it back please? :D

In other news, heaven is a bowl of vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup and frozen strawberries. Just to let you all know... :D


Almost there!

It's 1 am - which makes me 35w6d. That means Mr. Cole is officially measuring 37 weeks! My baby boy is full term! Blood results come back (again) tomorrow, so we will know if he has another week then. Hopefully we can have at least one more week, which would be best for his lung maturity, but he's officially made it out of the danger zone!

Good job buddy! :D