New Year's Spark

I joined Sparkpeople. I have to lose this weight.

It's ironic, actually. In the year it took to make Cole, I gained 30 pounds. In the 9 months it took to bake Cole, I gained 18 - and had to fight to do it. The baby weight fell right off me - plus 2 pounds. The wanting-a-baby weight, however... that has stuck around. Literally. AROUND. I have a spare tire completely around my waist. I look 12 weeks pregnant. I even bought a body-sucker. Oh, I mean, slimmer. :D Yeah, it helps... a little. It smoothes and redistributes, but unless they make one of those out of steel, it's not gonna cut it.

Now my diet (weekday diet, anyway...) involves a whole lot of turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, whole wheat pita, and hummus. Let's not forget the light yogurt too... And I really like it! This weekend was a massive fail, consisting of pizza Friday, Red Lobster Saturday, McDonalds and pizza Sunday... and a LOT of booze in there with it! Time to get back into it.

Cole and I have a workout hour. Okay, it's more like a half hour. He jumps in the jumperoo, I run on the treadmill. Okay, okay... I run for about 3 minutes until I think I'm dying and then walk. :D I'm hoping he's gonna let me start the 30 day shred too, but I don't really know when I am going to. I was planning to do it at night after he goes to bed, but I'm usually exhausted by that point, so I sit down to a nice screen full of Farmville.

I have really had enough of this cold spell - I would normally take him for a walk in the park and then come home and shred while he jumps. The only problem is, when the wind chill puts the temperature at -5 degrees, you don't take the baby out walking, no matter how well he's bundled.

I am going to try a new plan tomorrow. I will shred while he jumps and then walk when he sleeps. I think the Shred will probably be more productive than walking anyway, so if I have to skip one, it's probably better to skip the walk. I'll let you know how it goes!


Susan said...

The shred will kick your butt and you will see results! I reccomend that over walking/running on the treadmill anyday. The positive is that it's only 27 minutes start to finish so it's not a huge amount of time.

The negative is that you will be so sore that you might not be able to pick up your baby. ;)

I've quit the booze and juice and pop and other junk drinks and so far that's been helping me lose weight! (sure it's only been less than 2 weeks but that's good!)

I too am trying to lose the waiting for baby weight since the baby weight fell off right away. It seems to be a little harder to get rid of, especially since having a baby takes so much out of you that finding the energy or motivation is hard. But you can do it! Check out my fitness blog...www.fromfattofitandfab.blogspot.com :) Good luck girlie!


Our Path to Parenthood said...

It sucks to lose the weight, and I hate exercising! But I not only walk with the baby or hop on the treadmill to walk, but my husband got me a baby yoga DVD for Christmas that lets me work out with my son. It isn't high intensity or anything, but it's fun and you get some time with DC while exercising. It's all a balancing act of finding time to do everything :( Good luck!