Oh Provera... you suck.

I feel like a teenage girl and a menopausal woman all wrapped in to one! Between the horrendous acne (the joys of the painful 'underground' zits, one after the other!) and the hideous hot flashes (no, I'm not kidding - it's like someone set me on fire for a minute or two), I am counting down the days of stopping this medication. I really thought it would be easier, taking a pill a day for a whopping 10 days a month.

Yeah, no.

This is when I revert back to the pre-Cole days, wondering why on earth my body can't just work like everyone else's. But honestly, I don 't really even have the time to sit and ponder it. As you see, the blog has been dearly neglected. Now, as I scramble to poorly update, it's 12:09, and Cole's new wake up time is looming over my head. You see, my sleep-like-Momma baby has been replaced. Suddenly, after moving his wake up time to 9, then 8:30, then 7...

We now wake up at 5:45. On the nose.

And now, at 12:11, I am completely incoherent and rambling.

Aaaaaand goodnight.