10 months old

How did this happen? It's still like yesterday to me that he was born. He is such an amazing little boy. He took his first steps on Sunday! He is in to everything, obsessed with Sesame Street, hangers, power cords, and bungee cords. So glad I waste my money on toys!

I have been a bad blogger. Truth is, so much is going on, I haven't been ready to air it. I'm still not sure I'm ready, but I'm going to anyway. I messed with my own medication. I had forgotten to take it for a while, and I figured I may as well not take it anymore. After all, we would like to have another baby, and I assumed I would have to be off it during pregnancy anyway. Biiiiig mistake. So not only am I back on it, but I am actually on a higher dose now - 20mg instead of 10. Turns out, 20mg is perfectly safe during pregnancy until nearing delivery.

And speaking of pregnancy, or lack thereof... My period yet again went missing. After going to my MW, we developed a bit of a plan. Because of my family history, I can't take many hormones - no estrogen whatsoever. So for the next 6 months, I'll be taking Provera days 16-26 in an attempt to get my body to regulate itself. If that doesn't work, then we'll move into the harder drugs.

We just built a deck in the backyard so Cole now has a place to play! Pictures to come... :D