Cycle Day 62...

and waiting for a call back from the doctor.

All the times in my life I would have KILLED to go this long without a period, and when does it happen? Oh yeah. WHEN I NEED IT. You can't get pregnant if your ute is broken. You can't NOT TRY if you need to get doctors involved to jumpstart your ovaries. Cycle #2, lasting January, February, AND March... and 2 boxes of (negative) OPKs. How many posts ago was it, where I declared I would NOT be buying OPKs?


But who can fault me with a broken ute? I need to know what is going on in there! I didn't break down and get them until I was in the CD30's, at least.

I have a bad feeling there will not be any 'not trying' for much longer. I hate that it will always be something we have to work at, because my body can't figure out what it is supposed to do!

Okay, ending my pity party - slash - whine fest. I know women who have to fight wars with their body to have children, I am nowhere near their vicinity. I just have to go uphill.


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