My newest purchase

So a few of you know my stroller situation.

When I was pregnant, Chris had asked for one main thing - a stroller with big wheels. Seeing as I had picked out mostly everything, this was something I was willing to oblige. So after many outing to Babies R Us, we decided on the Jeep Liberty Stroller.

It essentially folded in half, so it would fit in the world's smallest trunk, aka my Cabrio. Right? Wrong. The tires are HUGE and sit waaay too tall. As we found out when Cole was 2 weeks and I was having a get together in Hershey with 2 friends and their babies that next day... and therefore had to run to Babies R Us at 8:30 at night with a 2 week old baby to splurge on a Snap N Go stroller. That's another $70 down the drain.

This came in very handy, seeing as it folded to practically nothing. Also, the baby seat would just snap out of the car and into the stroller (hence Snap N Go. Yep. master of the obvious here). Bring in problem #2... The tank, aka my child, has almost outgrown his infant carrier, and has transitioned to his convertible car seat in my car. Therefore, there is nothing to Snap, so no more Go.

Bring in problem #3. How do you find a stroller that folds small enough to fit in the world's smallest trunk, while still having a full recline for naps on the go, cupholders, and an under-basket? While of course, still being cute, because who wants an ugly stroller... Oh, and while not having to spend his college fund on it.

Enter my new beauty, the Joovy Kooper. To be delivered in T minus 10 hours!

Remember when you got your license and a car? Yeah, it's kinda like that.

Meanwhile, Cole is MINUTES away from crawling. We are up on all fours, rocking, and even jumping our knees forward a bit. I'm not quite ready for this, but I don't have any more time to prepare! I only have one more thing to try to slow down time...

::sticks baby in freezer::

:::waits for CPS to come knocking:::